TURKrating is only one of the three rating agencies which has received accreditation from the Republic of Turkey’s Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency (BRSA) and the Capital Markets Board. The agency was established in Turkey by a group of international experts with extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in ratings, investors services, banking, regulatory and other industry sectors.

TURKrating has continuously developed and enhanced its practice.

TURKrating has helped developed the rating methodology for AlphaRating, provided rigorous training to AlphaRating senior members on the use of the rating methodology in their Hqs. in Istanbul. Their team of experts includes following members:

Roy Peter Weinberger

Chairman of TURKrating

Gulnur Ucok

Vice-Chairman of TURKrating

Philippe Delhaise

Director of TURKrating

Mahesh Kotecha (CFA)

Partner of TURKrating

Serdar Aktan

Partner of TURKrating