Alpha Credit Rating Limited is comprised of highly experienced professionals contributing as the senior management of the company. The diversified background of every professional contributes to the ultimate strength of the company. Prosperity of AlphaRating is largely navigated by the noetic analyst team and rigorous effort of the business development officers. The entire data base of AlphaRating is supported by a strong IT infrastructure.


The rating team of AlphaRating consists of aspiring analysts. Each report is allocated between two analysts with sufficient knowledge about the industry channeling through quality research. Prior the formation of the rating team a declaration is collected that they are eligible to be a member of the rating team as per the guideline of Bangladesh Bank. TURK rating is the technical partner of Alpha Credit Rating.


The Rating Committee of AlphaRating is responsible to assess the validity of the rating process and its final valuation. It proposes corrections and finalizes the rating by maintaining independency and integrity. The rating committee is comprised of a number of diversified professionals who have the appropriate knowledge and experience to address all of the analytical perspectives relevant to the customer and does not have any role or influence on the rating. The rating committee of AlphaRating is well knowledgeable assigns ratings to differentiate the degree of creditworthiness of organizations of the international rating norms with wide knowledge on the economy of Bangladesh and its sectors and assigns ratings to differentiate the degree of creditworthiness of organizations.