(Alpha Credit Rating Limited)

(First Quarter, 2019)

01 January 2019 to 31 March 2019

SL. No. Name of Company Type of Company Rating Date Long Term Rating Expiry Date Short Term Rating
1 Dipon Gas Company Limited Corp 1-Jan-19 AA 31-Dec-19 ST-1
2 Shepherd Textile (BD) Textile Corp 3-Jan-19 BBB 2-Jan-20 ST-3
3 M/S Al-Safa Trading & Its Sister Concern Corp 7-Jan-19 BBB 6-Jan-20 ST-3
4 Babor Cold Storage (PVT) Limited Corp 8-Jan-19 BBB+ 7-Jan-20 ST-3
5 M/S Nabil Textile Mill Ltd. Corp 8-Jan-19 BBB 7-Jan-20 ST-3
6 Usha Jute Spinners Ltd. Corp 9-Jan-19 BBB+ 8-Jan-20 ST-3
7 IPE Technologies Ltd. Corp 9-Jan-19 BBB 8-Jan-20 ST-3
8 Fully Redeemable Non-Convertible Unsecured, Subordinate Bond-II Bond 13-Jan-19 AA- 12-Jan-20  
9 M/S Al-Amin Garments Industries Limited Corp 13-Jan-19 BBB 12-Jan-20 ST-3
10 Social Development Association-Comilla (SDA- Comilla) NGO 13-Jan-19 BBB+ 12-Jan-20 ST-3
11 BDBL Securities Limited Corp 13-Jan-19 A 12-Jan-20 ST-2
12 Sharif Home Appliance Limited Corp 14-Jan-19 A 13-Jan-20 ST-2
13 PAGE Development Center NGO 14-Jan-19 A 13-Jan-20 ST-2
14 G.N Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. Corp 15-Jan-19 A- 14-Jan-20 ST-3
15 The Cox Today Limited Corp 15-Jan-19 A- 14-Jan-20 ST-3
16 AG Agro Food Ltd. Corp 16-Jan-19 BBB 15-Jan-20 ST-3
17 Ridni Patato Seed Preservation LTd. Corp 17-Jan-19 BBB+ 16-Jan-20 ST-3
18 High Speed Ship building & Enginnering Co. Ltd. Corp 18-Jan-19 A 17-Jan-20 ST-2
19 The Global Packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd. Corp 20-Jan-19 BBB+ 19-Jan-20 ST-3
20 A.B Woven Bag Industries Limited Corp 20-Jan-19 A- 19-Jan-20 ST-3
21 MAH Spinning Mill Limited Corp 21-Jan-19 BBB+ 20-Jan-20 ST-3
22 Kingshuk Bahumukhi Samabay Samity Ltd. NGO 21-Jan-19 A- 20-Jan-20 ST-2
23 Continental Insurance Limited Insurance 22-Jan-19 AA- 21-Jan-20 ST-2
24 GBB Limited Corp 23-Jan-19 BB 22-Jan-20 ST-4
25 Petrolium Product Ltd Corp 23-Jan-19 BBB 22-Jan-20 ST-3
26 SB Cold Storage (PVT) Ltd. Corp 24-Jan-19 BBB+ 23-Jan-20 ST-3
27 Coast to Coast Pvt. Limited Corp 24-Jan-19 BBB+ 23-Jan-20 ST-3
28 Aeromate Services Ltd. Corp 24-Jan-19 A- 23-Jan-20 ST-3
29 M/S Gardenla Corp 27-Jan-19 BBB+ 26-Jan-20 ST-3
30 V-Texc Fashion PVT Ltd. Corp 27-Jan-19 A- 26-Jan-20 ST-3
31 JMI Hospital Requisite Manufacturing Limited Corp 28-Jan-19 A+ 27-Jan-20 ST-2
32 Shyampur Sugar Mills Limited Corp 28-Jan-19 BB 27-Jan-19 ST-4
33 IIDFC Capital Limited Corp 29-Jan-19 A 28-Jan-20 ST-2
34 Melon Tex Composite Limited Corp 29-Jan-19 BBB- 28-Jan-20 ST-4
35 Orion Knit Textiles Limited Corp 30-Jan-19 BBB 29-Jan-20 ST-3
36 KB Petrochemical Limited Corp 31-Jan-19 BBB+ 30-Jan-20 ST-3
37 State Bank Of India (BO) Bank 31-Jan-19 AAA 30-Jan-20 ST-1
38 Fecto Industries Ltd. Corp 31-Jan-19 BBB+ 30-Jan-20 ST-3
39 Tecnotrade International Ltd. Corp 31-Jan-19 BBB+ 30-Jan-20 ST-3
40 M/S Bishal Knit Waer Limited Corp 3-Feb-19 BBB 2-Feb-20 ST-3
41 Mirsarai Poultry Farms Limited Corp 3-Feb-19 A- 2-Feb-20 ST-2
42 Bengal Shipyard Ltd. Corp 4-Feb-19 BBB- 3-Feb-20 ST-3
43 Olila Glass Industries Ltd. Corp 4-Feb-19 A- 3-Feb-20 ST-3
44 Olila OpalWare Industries Limited Corp 4-Feb-19 A 3-Feb-20 ST-3
45 Nahar Agro Complex Limited Corp 4-Feb-19 A 3-Feb-20 ST-3
46 Systems & Services Ltd. Corp 5-Feb-19 BBB+ 4-Feb-20 ST-3
47 Mirsarai Poultry Layer Limited Corp 5-Feb-19 A 4-Feb-20 ST-2
48 M/S Bhuiyan & Son Corp 6-Feb-19 BBB- 5-Feb-20 ST-4
49 Noakhali Rural Development Society (NRDS) NGO 6-Feb-19 BBB+ 5-Feb-20 ST-3
50 Sky Aviation Services Ltd. Corp 6-Feb-19 BBB 5-Feb-20 ST-3
51 Caesar Apparels Ltd. Corp 7-Feb-19 A 6-Feb-20 ST-3
52 Aerouing Aviation Limited Corp 7-Feb-19 A 6-Feb-20 ST-3
53 Tista Salt Industries Ltd. Corp 7-Feb-19 A- 6-Feb-20 ST-3
54 Titas Food Products Limited Corp 7-Feb-19 BBB+ 6-Feb-20 ST-3
55 JMI Syrings & Medical Devices Ltd. Corp 10-Feb-19 A+ 9-Feb-20 ST-2
56 Zeal-Bangla Sugar Mills Limited Corp 10-Feb-19 BB 9-Feb-20 ST-4
57 Bio Pharma Limited Corp 10-Feb-19 A 9-Feb-20 ST-2
58 IRIS Agro & Food Limited Corp 11-Feb-19 BBB 10-Feb-20 ST-3
59 Nahar Poultry Ltd. Corp 11-Feb-19 A 10-Feb-20 ST-3
60 Priti Cold Storage Ltd. Corp 13-Feb-19 BBB 12-Feb-20 ST-3
61 One Composite Mills Limited Corp 14-Feb-19 A- 13-Feb-20 ST-3
62 Bangladesh Development Society NGO 14-Feb-19 A 13-Feb-20 ST-2
63 Blue Planet Knitwear Ltd. Corp 14-Feb-19 A 13-Feb-20 ST-2
64 M/S M.K Corporation Corp 17-Feb-19 BBB+ 16-Feb-20 ST-3
65 Mahmuda Hai Chemi Ltd Corp 17-Feb-19 BB 16-Feb-20 ST-5
66 Pusti Vegetable Ghee Limited Corp 18-Feb-19 BBB 17-Feb-20 ST-3
67 Urmee Knitwear Limited Corp 18-Feb-19 BBB- 17-Feb-20 ST-3
68 GoldStar Shipping Line Limited Corp 18-Feb-19 BBB 17-Feb-20 ST-3
69 Nahian Enterprise Limited Corp 19-Feb-19 BBB 18-Feb-20 ST-3
70 M/S Sahra Enterprise & Its Sister Concern Corp 19-Feb-19 BBB 18-Feb-20 ST-3
71 Ahsan Composite Limited Corp 19-Feb-19 BBB+ 18-Feb-20 ST-3
72 A.K Oxygen Ltd. Corp 19-Feb-19 A 18-Feb-20 ST-3
73 M/S Natore Auto Rice Mill Corp 19-Feb-19 BBB 18-Feb-20 ST-3
74 CVC Finance Limited NBFI 20-Feb-19 A+ 19-Feb-20 ST-2
75 BDT 300 million Non Convertible Zero Coupon Bond by Delta BRAC Housing Finance Corporation Limited BOND 24-Feb-19 AA+ 23-Feb-20  
76 The Rose Garments Designer Ltd. Corp 24-Feb-19 BBB+ 23-Feb-20 ST-3
77 M/S Mozammel Enterprise Corp 24-Feb-19 BB+ 23-Feb-20 ST-3
78 AG Property Development Limited Corp 25-Feb-19 BBB 24-Feb-20 ST-3
79 Pragati Steels Corp 25-Feb-19 A- 24-Feb-20 ST-2
80 The Rose Garments Designer Unit-2 Ltd. Corp 26-Feb-19 BBB+ 25-Feb-20 ST-3
81 Dak Diye Jai NGO 26-Feb-19 A- 25-Feb-20 ST-2
82 Bellisima Apperals Ltd. Corp 26-Feb-19 BBB 25-Feb-20 ST-3
83 Blue Planet Knit Composite Limited Corp 27-Feb-19 A 26-Feb-20 ST-2
84 Heathcare Diagonostic Solutions Limited Corp 27-Feb-19 BBB+ 26-Feb-20 ST-3
85 Quality Fashion Wear Ltd. Corp 27-Feb-19 BBB+ 26-Feb-20 ST-3
86 Mars Textile Limited Corp 1-Mar-19 A 28-Feb-20 ST-2
87 Kalpataru Holiday Inn Limited Corp 3-Mar-19 BBB 2-Mar-20 ST-3
88 ABR Spinning Mills Ltd. Corp 3-Mar-19 A 2-Mar-20 ST-2
89 Nur-Jamal Jute Mills Ltd. Corp 4-Mar-19 BBB 3-Mar-20 ST-3
90 EBL Securities Limited Securities 5-Mar-19 A+ 4-Mar-20 ST-2
91 Alpha Dresswear Ltd. Corp 6/Mar/19 BBB+ 5/Mar/20 ST-3
92 Spectrum Engineering Consortium Pvt. Limited Corp 7-Mar-19 A 6-Mar-20 ST-2
93 M/S Islam Enterprise Corp 7-Mar-19 BBB 6-Mar-20 ST-3
94 BC Fresh Ltd. Corp 7-Mar-19 A- 6-Mar-20 ST-3
95 Gram Bikash Kendra (GBK) NGO 10-Mar-19 A- 9-Mar-20 ST-3
96 Global Agrovet Ltd Corp 10-Mar-19 BB 9-Mar-20 ST-4
97 Social Economic Banking Association (SEBA) NGO 10-Mar-19 BBB+ 9-Mar-20 ST-3
98 Begumgonj Feed Mill Ltd. Corp 12-Mar-19 BBB 11-Mar-20 ST-3
99 M/S Excellence Trading Corp 13-Mar-19 BBB+ 12-Mar-20 ST-3
100 Silver Food Industries Limited Corp 13-Mar-19 BBB 12-Mar-20 ST-3
101 BDT 6.00 million Floatingnate Non-Convertible Subordinate Bond Of Rupali Bank Limited Bond 14-Mar-19 BBB+ 13-Mar-20  
102 Shepherd Industries Limited Corp 14-Mar-19 BBB 13-Mar-20 ST-3
103 Mak Hatchery Limited Corp 14-Mar-19 BBB+ 13-Mar-20 ST-3
104 Eminance Chemical Industries Ltd Corp 14-Mar-19 A- 13-Mar-20 ST-2
105 Sinha Knit & Denims Limited Corp 14-Mar-19 BBB+ 13-Mar-20 ST-3
106 M/S Zam Zam Sweets and Baker Corp 14-Mar-19 BBB 13-Mar-20 ST-3
107 Alliance Holdings Ltd. Corp 14-Mar-19 A 13-Mar-20 ST-2
108 Criterion Developers Limited Corp 16-Mar-19 AA 15-Mar-20 ST-2
109 M/S Senu Miah Textile Corp 20-Mar-19 BBB+ 19-Mar-20 ST-3
110 Multiplan Limited Corp 20-Mar-19 BBB- 19-Mar-20 ST-4
111 Equity Property Management (PVT) Ltd. Corp 20-Mar-19 BBB 19-Mar-20 ST-3
112 Bridex Infrastructure Ltd. Corp 21-Mar-19 BBB+ 20-Mar-20 ST-3
113 M/S Oil Traders & Its Sister Concern Corp 21-Mar-19 BBB- 20-Mar-20 ST-3
114 M/S Rupali Traders Agency & M/S Noor-e- Madina Overseas Corp 21-Mar-19 BBB+ 20-Mar-20 ST-3
115 S. Alam Trading Company ( PVT) Ltd. Corp 23-Mar-19 A 22-Mar-20 ST-2
116 M/S Posh Footwears & Craft Ltd. Corp 24-Mar-19 BBB 23-Mar-20 ST-3
117 M/S Mahmud Enterprise Corp 24-Mar-19 BBB+ 23-Mar-20 ST-3
118 Mercantile Insurance Co Limited Insurance 25-Mar-19 AA- 24-Mar-20 ST-2
119 M/S Mannan Traders Corp 25-Mar-19 BBB 24-Mar-20 ST-3
120 DAK Textile Ltd. Corp 25-Mar-19 BBB+ 24-Mar-20 ST-3
121 Green Dot Ltd. Corp 25-Mar-19 A- 24-Mar-20 ST-3
122 Kanika Commercial Ltd. Corp 27-Mar-19 BBB 26-Mar-20 ST-3
123 Bashundhara Import Export Ltd. Corp 27-Mar-19 A- 26-Mar-20 ST-3
124 M/S J.A.N Associates Corp 28-Mar-19 BBB 27-Mar-20 ST-3
125 M/S Orient Computers Corp 30-Mar-19 A 29-Mar-20 ST-2
126 Pabna Satil Arab Fashion ltd. Corp 30-Mar-19 BBB 29-Mar-20 ST-3
127 Policon Limited Corp 31-Mar-19 BBB+ 30-Mar-20 ST-3
128 Jabe Apparels Limited Corp 31-Mar-19 BBB 30-Mar-20 ST-3
129 Mamico Tech Limited Corp 31-Mar-19 BBB+ 30-Mar-20 ST-3
130 Union Label & Accessories Ltd. Corp 31/Mar/19 A- 30/Mar/20 ST-3