(Alpha Credit Rating Limited)

(First Quarter, 2021)

01 January, 2021 to 31 March, 2021

Name_of_entity_or_instrument Type_of_entity_or_issuer Nature_of_rating Source_of_rating Quarter_of_rating Rating_date Long_term_rating Long_expiry_date Short_term_rating Short_expiry_date Outlook
BDT 2000 million Non-convertible unsecured and fully-redeemable fixed-rate Zero Coupon Bond-(BD Finance) Bond Initial Instrument Rating Q1 01-20-21 A+ 01-19-22 NA 01-19-22 Stable
Social Islami Bank Limited Bank Initial Entity Q1 03-29-21 AA+ 03-28-22 ST-2 03-28-22 Stable