(Alpha Credit Rating Limited)

(Third Quarter, 2017)

01 July 2017 to 30 September 2017

SL. No. Name of Company Rating Date Long Term Rating Expiry Date Short Term Rating
1 Dignity Business House 2-Jul-17 BBB 1-Jul-18 ST-3
2 M/S Millionaire Trading House 2-Jul-17 A- 1-Jul-18 ST-3
3 Emdad Etima Spinning Mills Ltd. 2-Jul-17 A 1-Jul-18 ST-2
4 Eque Paper Mills Ltd. 3-Jul-17 BBB+ 2-Jul-18 ST-3
5 Mayer Doya Auto Rice Mills Limited 4-Jul-17 BBB 3-Jul-18 ST-3
6 Banga Plastic International Limited 4-Jul-17 A- 3-Jul-18 ST-3
7 Yassma Knitting & Dyeing Limited 5-Jul-17 BBB 4-Jul-18 ST-3
8 Thermax Yarn Dyed Fabrics Limited 6-Jul-17 BBB+ 5-Jul-18 ST-3
9 Thermax Check Fabrics Limited 6-Jul-17 BBB+ 5-Jul-18 ST-3
10 Greenland Pharmaceuticals Limited 7-Jul-17 BBB 6-Jul-18 ST-3
11 G.N. Cotton Spinning Mills Limited 9-Jul-17 A- 8-Jul-18 ST-3
12 Holodia Mohila Unnayan Sangstha 9-Jul-17 BBB+ 8-Jul-18 ST-3
13 Programmes For peoples Development 11-Jul-17 BBB 10-Jul-18 ST-3
14 M/S Nazma Trading Corporation 12-Jul-17 BBB 11-Jul-18 ST-3
15 Moon Light Health & Hygiene (pvt) Ltd. 12-Jul-17 BBB+ 11-Jul-18 ST-3
16 Hye Agro Food Industries Limited 12-Jul-17 A- 11-Jul-18 ST-2
17 Chittagong Logistics Limited 12-Jul-17 A 11-Jul-18 ST-3
18 M/S Finetex 13-Jul-17 BBB 12-Jul-18 ST-3
19 Multimax International Limited 16-Jul-17 BBB 15-Jul-18 ST-3
20 Elco Wires & Cables Limited 16-Jul-17 A 15-Jul-18 ST-3
21 Golden Harvest Ice Cream Limited 16-Jul-17 A 15-Jul-18 ST-2
22 M/S Janata Oil Mills 16-Jul-17 BBB 15-Jul-18 ST-3
23 M/S Janata Flour Mills 16-Jul-17 BBB+ 15-Jul-18 ST-3
24 Dhaka Beijing Dyeing & Wearing Industry Limited 16-Jul-17 BBB+ 15-Jul-18 ST-3
25 AWR Real Estate Limited 18-Jul-17 A- 17-Jul-18 ST-2
26 AWR Developments Limited 18-Jul-17 A 17-Jul-18 ST-2
27 Badar Spinning Mills Limited 18-Jul-17 BBB+ 17-Jul-18 ST-3
28 East West Chemicals Limited 20-Jul-17 BBB 19-Jul-18 ST-3
29 Naheen Feed Mills 20-Jul-17 BBB 19-Jul-18 ST-3
30 Sun Dairy & Agro Products Limited 20-Jul-17 BBB+ 19-Jul-18 ST-3
31 Alook Refrigeration Company Limited 20-Jul-17 A- 19-Jul-18 ST-3
32 Ifad Enterprise Limited 24-Jul-17 BB+ 23-Jul-18 ST-4
33 M/S Hatnaya Auto Rice Mill 24-Jul-17 BBB 23-Jul-18 ST-3
34 Radiant Business Consortium Limited 25-Jul-17 A+ 24-Jul-18 ST-2
35 Echo Trader Center 26-Jul-17 BBB+ 25-Jul-18 ST-3
36 M/S Faroque Auto Rice Mill 27-Jul-17 BBB 26-Jul-18 ST-3
37 Rupshi Fish Feed Limited 27-Jul-17 BBB 26-Jul-18 ST-3
38 Shamrat Agro Ltd. 27-Jul-17 BBB 26-Jul-18 ST-3
39 Popular Poultry & Fish Feeds Ltd 28-Jul-17 BBB+ 27-Jul-18 ST-3
40 BDT 5000 million Non Convertible Subordinated Unsecured Floating Rate Bond for Southeast Bank Limited 30-Jul-17 AA- 29-Jul-18
41 Shamrat Feed Mills Limited 30-Jul-17 BBB 29-Jul-18 ST-3
42 Mabud Trading Corporation 30-Jul-17 A- 29-Jul-18 ST-3
43 M/S Innovation Trade 30-Jul-17 BBB+ 29-Jul-18 ST-3
44 M/S Jishan Enterprise & M/S Arni Trade International 31-Jul-17 A- 30-Jul-18 ST-3
45 North Bengal Jute Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. 31-Jul-17 BB 30-Jul-18 ST-5
46 M/S Siraj Traders & M/S Siraj Caleder & Mercerizing Mill 31-Jul-17 BBB+ 30-Jul-18 ST-3
47 M/S Z.H Enterprise 1-Aug-17 BBB 31-Jul-18 ST-3
48 Jointex Knitwear Ltd. 1-Aug-17 BBB+ 31-Jul-18 ST-3
49 Pro Makers Sweater Industries Ltd. 2-Aug-17 BBB+ 1-Aug-18 ST-3
50 M/S MKB Corporation 3-Aug-17 BBB 2-Aug-18 ST-3
51 Metropoliton Medical Centre Ltd 3-Aug-17 BBB+ 2-Aug-18 ST-3
52 Mirza Jute Millls Ltd. 6-Aug-17 BBB+ 5-Aug-18 ST-3
53 Noor Alam Exim Industries Ltd. 6-Aug-17 BBB 5-Aug-18 ST-3
54 Universal Refinary Pvt. Ltd. 9-Aug-17 BBB 8-Aug-18 ST-3
55 Genex Infosys Ltd. 10-Aug-17 A 9-Aug-18 ST-2
56 M/S Bayezid Biswas 10-Aug-17 A- 9-Aug-18 ST-2
57 Noor E Modina Timber 13-Aug-17 BBB 12-Aug-18 ST-3
58 BBC Steel 16-Aug-17 BBB 15-Aug-18 ST-3
59 Hera Sweater Limited 17-Aug-17 BBB 16-Aug-18 ST-3
60 M/S PHM Business Link 17-Aug-17 BBB- 16-Aug-18 ST-3
61 Republic Insurance Company Limited 20-Aug-17 A+ 19-Aug-18 ST-2
62 Sorna Trading Corporation 20-Aug-17 BBB 19-Aug-18 ST-3
63 Shakera Agro Ltd. 20-Aug-17 BBB 19-Aug-18 ST-3
64 Alfa Patterns (Bangladesh) Limited 20-Aug-17 BB+ 19-Aug-18 ST-4
65 M/S Kisholoy Engineering 21-Aug-17 BBB 20-Aug-18 ST-3
66 Habib Enterprise 21-Aug-17 BBB+ 20-Aug-18 ST-3
67 Habib Assets Limited 21-Aug-17 BBB 20-Aug-18 ST-3
68 Nobabee Footwear Limited 21-Aug-17 BBB 20-Aug-18 ST-3
69 M/S Shushama Feed Mill 21-Aug-17 BBB 20-Aug-18 ST-3
70 Kabico Foods Ltd. 21-Aug-17 BBB 20-Aug-18 ST-3
71 Plummy Fashions Limited 21-Aug-17 A 20-Aug-18 ST-2
72 M/S Queeny 22-Aug-17 BBB 21-Aug-18 ST-3
73 Mirza Auto Rice Mills Limited 22-Aug-17 BBB+ 21-Aug-18 ST-3
74 Provita Breeeders :Limited 22-Aug-17 A 21-Aug-18 ST-2
75 M/S Flair Electronics 22-Aug-17 BBB+ 21-Aug-18 ST-3
76 M/S Shahidul Hoque Molla 23-Aug-17 A- 22-Aug-18 ST-3
77 Sonnet Fashion Limited 23-Aug-17 BBB 22-Aug-18 ST-3
78 Development Activities of Society (DAS) 24-Aug-17 BBB 23-Aug-18 ST-3
79 Mirza Woven Bag (Pvt) Ltd 24-Aug-17 BBB+ 23-Aug-18 ST-3
80 Ornate Vertical Blind Ltd. 24-Aug-17 BBB- 23-Aug-18 ST-3
81 Agrani Insurance Company Limited 27-Aug-17 AA- 26-Aug-18 ST-2
82 Karnaphuli Insurance Company Limited 27-Aug-17 AA- 26-Aug-18 ST-2
83 Star Consultants & Engineering Limited 27-Aug-17 A- 26-Aug-18 ST-3
84 M/S Redwan Trade International 28-Aug-17 A 27-Aug-18 ST-2
85 Sodical Chemicals Limited 28-Aug-17 BBB+ 27-Aug-18 ST-3
86 Euro Bangla Associates 28-Aug-17 BBB+ 27-Aug-18 ST-3
87 Provita Hatcheries Limited 29-Aug-17 A 28-Aug-18 ST-2
88 M/S Vision Meditech 29-Aug-17 A- 28-Aug-18 ST-3
89 Sharoj Garments Ltd. 30-Aug-17 BBB 29-Aug-18 ST-3
90 Saad Musa Hometex & Clothing Limited 31-Aug-17 A- 30-Aug-18 ST-3
91 Jasika Trade International Ltd. 4-Sep-17 BBB 3-Sep-18 ST-3
92 M.A Rahman Dyeing Industries Limited 4-Sep-17 A 3-Sep-18 ST-3
93 R.R. Spinning & Cotton mills Ltd. 7-Sep-17 BBB 6-Sep-18 ST-3
94 Alim Industries 7-Sep-17 BBB- 6-Sep-18 ST-3
95 M/S Zaman Brothers 10-Sep-17 BBB 9-Sep-18 ST-3
96 Sonali Fabrics & Textiles Mills Ltd. 11-Sep-17 A 10-Sep-18 ST-2
97 Sonali Trade International 11-Sep-17 A- 10-Sep-18 ST-3
98 Blue Planet Sweater Ltd. 12-Sep-17 A- 11-Sep-18 ST-3
99 Polka Dot Fashion 12-Sep-17 BBB+ 11-Sep-18 ST-3
100 M/S Patriot Spinning Mills Limited 12-Sep-17 A 11-Sep-18 ST-3
101 M/S Razzak Traders 13-Sep-17 BBB 12-Sep-18 ST-3
102 Hotel Sarina Limited 13-Sep-17 BBB+ 12-Sep-18 ST-3
103 A.K. Oxygen Ltd. 14-Sep-17 A 13-Sep-18 ST-3
104 Desh General Insurance Company Limited 17-Sep-17 A+ 16-Sep-18 ST-3
105 R.B. Agro Ltd. 17-Sep-17 BBB 16-Sep-18 ST-3
106 Greensoil Auto Bricks Limited 17-Sep-17 BBB+ 16-Sep-18 ST-3
107 M/S Friends Traders 17-Sep-17 A- 16-Sep-18 ST-3
108 Global Asset Limited 19-Sep-17 BBB+ 18-Sep-18 ST-3
109 M/S Atik Auto Rice Mill 19-Sep-17 BBB+ 18-Sep-18 ST-3
110 Atahar Ali Auto Rice Mills Ltd. 20-Sep-17 BBB 19-Sep-18 ST-3
111 M/S Atahar Ali 20-Sep-17 BBB 19-Sep-18 ST-3
112 Classic Concept Fashion Ltd. 20-Sep-17 BB+ 19-Sep-18 ST-4
113 F.R Jute Mills Limited 20-Sep-17 BBB 19-Sep-18 ST-3
114 Sky Capital Airlines Limited 22-Sep-17 A 21-Sep-18 ST-3
115 Ambient Steel BD Ltd. 24-Sep-17 A- 23-Sep-18 ST-3
116 Sharif Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 24-Sep-17 A 23-Sep-18 ST-3
117 FR Jute Trading Co.Ltd. 25-Sep-17 BBB 24-Sep-18 ST-3
118 M/S Mannan CNG Filling Station 25-Sep-17 BBB+ 24-Sep-18 ST-3
119 M/S A.Z Traders 27-Sep-17 BBB 26-Sep-18 ST-3
120 Rose Café Bangladesh Ltd. 27-Sep-17 A- 26-Sep-18 ST-3
121 Jaroms Industries Limited 27-Sep-17 BBB 26-Sep-18 ST-3
122 IIDFC Securirties Limited 27-Sep-17 A- 26-Sep-18 ST-3
123 Sonnet Textile Industries Limited 28-Sep-17 BBB+ 27-Sep-18 ST-3
124 Gloria Electrical Industries 28-Sep-17 BBB+ 27-Sep-18 ST-3
125 Popular Medical Center Limited 28-Sep-17 BBB+ 27-Sep-18 ST-3
126 Virgo Tobacco Ltd. 28-Sep-17 A- 27-Sep-18 ST-3
127 Virgo MH Limited 28-Sep-17 A- 27-Sep-18 ST-3
128 Gimex Clothing Ltd. 30-Sep-17 A- 29-Sep-18 ST-3